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The Ultimate Self-Pour Experience

TapIO is the First Indian-made smart dispensing solution that lets you pour on your own.

One solution, Many uses

​TapIO is a self-pour smart dispensing solution that helps business  streamline their operations. It can be activated and deactivated from card, app or platform. It combines AI algorithm and high quality hardware that can be installed onto any taps. So, it monitors, regulates and tracks every drop of liquid poured through it and secures data for other uses.

3 product variants
Highly customizable
AI and Iot enabled

Why TapIO is good for your business

We build cost effective model for your business for best ROI. 

We will customise the product according to your needs.

Low cost of Ownership


We understand your challenges of wastage and high labour cost.

Increase your sales by lowering lead time for order delivery, reduce your wastage and increase your profits.


Highly secure systems with robust infrastructure and high durability which provides data ownership for the client.


TapIO is not just about self-pouring. If you have an already existing dispensing system, we can make it smarter and provide the operational features to you.

Connect to

any Taps


Who doesn't want to pour on their own?

The self-pour system enhances your customer experience with instant gratification. Impress your customer with hassle free service.


Real time stats and recommendations at your fingertips.

Use the data for inventory forecasting, targeted marketing, supply demand optimisation and streamlining operations.

Analytics and

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