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Our Mission

We want to create a simpler world where running an F&B business is easy, more profitable and certainly more fun.

Our Story


It began for a long wait for Beer. Our team at InnovatorsBay, after a long work day was hanging around in a microbrewery in Bengaluru, India. The wait extended for long, and we began discussing the idea of how wonderful it would be if we could “ POUR OUR OWN BEER”.

Well, you can call us crazy, but we made the outline of the product on a paper napkin. We were eventually served, but that idea was discussed into the wee hours of the morning. Within days we had designed the product details and had a dedicated team working on it.


We researched the market and had multiple discussions as our team started building the prototype. We debated a lot on the name before deciding on TapIO which stands for "Tap for Input and output".

And the proudest moment came when we launched our product in Bengaluru. We carry the vision of smart dispensing and everyone being able to pour their own beer, conveniently, without any delay. And then of course we celebrated by pouring beer ourselves !!

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