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How TapIO streamlines all aspects of Brewery and Bar business with smart technology

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

TapIO is an AI and IoT based product. The self-pour technology is controlled by an AI software that works on reinforcement learning. As mentioned earlier, every drop of beer that the tap dispenses gets converted into data. TapIO then uses this data to create custom reports that include customer and order details on a daily basis.

Now let’s look at this from the perspective of a Brewery or a Bar owner. Pilferage, free drinks and over-pouring are one of the main reasons why this industry beers huge loses. But another reason that adds to these loses is not being able to track everything and hence having no forecasts for the future.

TapIO works on all previous mentioned issues making Bar operations so easy. With the analysis of every single drop on your fingertips, it makes it so easy for you to plan everything and not to mention forecast everything. When you plan better, you execute better!

Client can customize the data on how they want it. From using the data for marketing, operations and inventory management – every aspect of business can be streamlines and optimized for best results. So it’s not just about self-pouring systems.

We work together with the client to plan out a model that’s best suited to his business. From then onwards, we handle everything – right from assembling the hardware to the setting up the software.

Once the setup is complete, the platform will “auto discover” all the installed units, post which the brewery can configure its tables and beers to be served. The screen on TapIO gets updated in real time and is ready to be occupied by the customer.

TapIO’s vision is to help industries generate higher RoI by optimizing labour, inventory and wastage, to enable leaders to make quick and efficient decisions while enhancing the customer experience.

From aerated drinks and alcohol to water and non-alcoholic beverages, the possibilities are endless with TapIO and we would love to expand its applications to other fields as well in the future.

TapIO self-pouring smart dispensing system – Product variants to fit any business model

TapIO smart tap dispensing solution is the only self-pour system for beverages in Indian market. But what makes the product unique is its adaptability and to fit many different business models. TapIO has been designed keeping in mind the challenges that F&B business face today.

TapIO comes in three customizable variants.

  • Islander - Portable system that can be customised as per the needs. Sturdy structure that can be easily connected to kegs or Unitank.

  • Tap-on-table- Tap-on-Table  can be easily fitted on the tables and connected to the source of the beverage (Kegs or Unitank).

  • Wall Mount- system can be placed on the wall or any vertical system converting any wall to a beer ATM.

Each variant comes with an informative touch screen which displays information on the beverage, pricing and real time updates as customer pours. We make sure that the data of the customer is on premise in a secure location. Our software can be customized to fit your needs.

But this is not just about how versatile TapIO is. TapIO can be used in different ways by the businesses. From being an outdoor open space business to a multi-storey facility, either variant of TapIO will fit well. Wall Mount model can be easily installed on a free wall inside the facility. In case infrastructure is not present, Islander model of TapIO, stand-alone variant can be placed anywhere. Just plus the source of the beverage and you are good to go.

The software is highly customizable to fully incorporate every need. We are led by a adaptable team of smart developers that listen to your needs, customize the software and make sure it is so easy for you to operate every aspect.

From the beginning, we have focused on the quality of the entire product and delivery making sure that F&B businesses have fast RoI with great customer service.

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