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TapIO’s launch at VR Bengaluru

TapIO was launched at Oktoberfest at The Whitefield Arms, VR Bengaluru.

We pulled off the entire event in just 3 weeks and served all six beers that they have on the menu. Customers were given the TapIO card so they could recharge and test the platform out on their own. The payment method was either cash or card as preferred by the customer.

As a new product our team was apprehensive but ready cause we believed in our product. We had our experts on ground who made sure that everything was operationally perfect.

We had two TapIO Islander( portable versions) pouring 3 beers each. The crowd which started to try as curious customers became loyal customers by the end of the night. The entire “POUR YOUR OWN BEER” concept was a huge hit. We had people lining up at the stations sampling and drinking beer. While they were allowed to sample and try everything, they had to pay only for the amount they poured out of the taps.

That, for us, was not just a moment of pride but also of learning. Every time we interacted with the customer we made sure to get the feedback from them and understand what can we do to make our product better. We have since then incorporated every feedback to come up with a more robust version of TapIO.

The lovely experience at VR Bengaluru made us realise how essential is TapIO for a Brewery or a Bar. The sales went up as there was no wait time for the customers and later on we were able to give VR Bengaluru drop by drop analysis of all the beer poured in a customized report.

We now look forward to launching TapIO at other markets, preferably Goa and Pune. We do hope for a better and bigger response and to woo more people with TapIO.

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