TapIO is a highly customizable system that is present in 3 product variants. So no worries, it can blend into the ambience of any facility. Check out our three product variants, fit for any place and very easy to configure.

Informative Touch Screen

Displays beverage details and real time updates as you pour

Secure Data

On premise storage with TapIO infrastructure management

Constant Supply

Well connected to the source of the beverage

Quality Control

Quality is maintained with a combination of technologies on hardware and software



Portable system that can be customised as per the needs. Sturdy structure that can be easily connected to kegs or Unitank.


Tap-on-Table  can be easily fitted on the tables and connected to the source of the beverage (Kegs or Unitank).

Wall Mount

System that can be fixed on the wall, easily converting your wall into a beer ATM.

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