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TapIO also comes in 3 variants of Self-Pouring systems. Powered by Technology and Innovation, these devices let your customer pour on their own, bringing style and reducing costs !

Why Self-Pouring systems are the way to go

High Revenue & Profits

After switching to a self-serve model, Industry recognises an average revenue increase of 39%. Customers who self-serve will try more beverages, since they don’t have to commit to a full pour and if they fall in love with it, they pour more and you make more. Business reduces labour cost and wastage and decreases the order lead time and thus increasing revenue and profits.

Reduced Labor cost

High demand can lead to higher labor cost to take care of the operations especially at peak hours which is one of the main reasons for high operating costs. Self-pour solution takes care of this problem. It can bring down labor cost by 20 percent or more. This can further bump up the profits.

Eliminate wastage

We all know that beer can go bad if not consumed in a definite number of days. The industry average  23% of the beer is wasted per keg and the loss is entirely borne by the restaurant as direct or indirect costs. Other wastage are due to over-pouring, sampling of beer and non consumption of premium beers.

Gain Insight with Actionable Data

TapIO is the only self-serve system that captures key data according the needs of the clients for the customers and delivers it in an aggregated report to clients. This information can be used to improve operations, increase sales, targeted marketing, inventory management and supply chain efficiency.

Attract The “Curious” Customer

Who does not want to pour on their own? TapIO is an add-on to any party, brewery, event or pub. Let your customers enjoy the ambience and pour on their own as much as they want- with no wait time.

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