Whether you are a cool bar, a hip restaurant, a popular brewery, an awesome casino, a high-end hotel or a store, we know that your challenges increase your costs!

We Understand your challenges !
​Longer Wait
for Customers,
Lesser Sales
High Labour
Operational cost
Wastage and Pilferage
Improper Tracking of
Inefficient Inventory Planning 
Breakage Issue
Ineffective Marketing Campaigns

Not just a self-pour Solution !

TapIO fits into your model perfectly helping you enhance customer experience and increasing your profits! It not only provides self-pouring for your customers, but also accurate data analysis and reports that can help to make your business process smoother and smarter.

High Quality Infrastructure

Three product variant to choose from to fit your business needs.

Smart LCD screen for beverage marketing and real-time offers and price changes.

Well connected to the source of the beverage (beer kegs, brewery tanks or juice canisters).

Activate taps using smart card, app or platform.

Enable the customers to pour beverage on their own, from anywhere in your facility.

Advanced AI Software

Platform inbuilt POS system that integrates with other POS systems.

Smart authentication.

Optimised pricing based on restaurant demand and supply.

Targeted marketing based on data from TapIO.

Billing as per your facility - prepaid, postpaid or cover charge.

High Business Efficiency and ROI

Track every drop poured.

Streamline operations.

Decrease wastage and pilferage - higher profits.

Customized reporting giving real-time insights about the business.

No Wait Time, Increased sales, on Demand beverage dispensing.

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